The TA’s Wheels

Hal’s Truck: The Granger

Since the Traveling Archivist conducts site visits all over North Carolina he needs a set of wheels.  His vehicle of choice is his green 2002 Ford Ranger, or The Granger.  The Granger has over 212,000 miles on the odometer, but it keeps on truckin’ thanks to oil changes every three thousand miles and regular maintenance at Subarus-R-Us in Swannanoa.  You might wonder why I take a Ford to a garage specializing in Subarus?  Well, the mechanics there can work on most vehicles, the Granger ain’t too complicated, and the Ford dealer moved to a new location on the west side of town and I live on the east side.

The Granger was bought because Archivists drive trucks.  When I was a (relatively) young guy working for the Travelers Insurance Company in Hartford in the 1980s, my friend Paul Lasewicz was the Archivist at Aetna Life & Casualty.  I drove a Nissan Hardbody, he drove a Toyota Longbed.  Our mutual friend and Paul’s predecessor at Aetna, Leith Johnson, drove a Mazda pickup.  We all had trucks because they were cheap rides, because we owned homes and needed trucks for dump and mulch runs, and because we used our trucks to move records.  This last activity was probably not authorized, but if you put in a requisition and waited for someone to move cartons from an office, you probably were in for a delay of a week.  Moreover, I felt responsible for the records which had historical if not monetary value.  In my last full time job at Appalachian State before I retired, I regularly used my truck to move records to the library from all over campus.  Again, probably not authorized, but much more convenient.  Another issue was that I never thought about asking anyone to help me because this was work I preferred to do myself and was physically able to perform.  Looking back then, I guess I would list my qualifications to do archival work as including: Ph.D. in history, truck ownership, ability to lift 50 lb record center cartons–repeatedly.

PS  One of the reasons I get along with the NC State Archivist, Dick Lankford, is that he drives an old black Nissan pickup.


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